Canadian Museum of Nature with Kids

Ottawa has many museums and per usual, we bought memberships to most of them. I love museum memberships. They give us options of things to do on days where we want to get out of the house but don’t want to spend a ton of money. There are always special exhibits rolling through and there is always an invitation to learn something new available for the kids.

The Canadian Museum of Nature is a great kid friendly resource especially on a rainy or snowy day. The building that hosts the museum is historic and magnificent in stature. It was built as the Victoria Memorial Museum as a tribute to Queen Victoria, whose long reign of 64 years coincided with the commencement of construction on the museum. May of the stones were carved by hand, reminding one of old European buildings. There is much more to the history of the building that is absolutely fascinating, and supposedly a wee bit haunted, but I will let you read up on that at your leisure.

For kids the exhibits are perfect. There is a fossil gallery, water gallery, mammal gallery, earth gallery and bird gallery. In most sections there are hands on displays that allow children to interact with the presented materials. Whether this is a game or fact flip cards kids learn something while experiencing tactile exploration. There are four floors to the museum and many stairs, but don’t worry, there are elevators. There is a bit of a line to use them at some points but nevertheless they are there. We chose the stairs to get wiggles out and because our youngest is now 2 no longer loves a stroller. That being said, there are cute little buggy strollers available in the lobby free of charge for children.

If you are in Ottawa visiting this museum is one I definitely recommend. The architecture combined with the kid friendly atmosphere makes a great escape from crummy weather. Combine that with affordable and available parking and it’s a home run in my eyes.

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