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Fusion Mineral Paint Makes Princess Dream Come True

My mom graciously gave me a jewelry box that was collecting dust in the attic and had sustained substantial abuse.  Seeing as I had an itch to refinish something else with my new obsession, Fusion Mineral Paint, I was eager to keep it off the treelawn.  I decided I would breathe new life into this piece for my girls room.  I headed to my local Fusion Mineral Paint distributor and found a wonderful, newly released shade of pink called English Rose.  It would match the pink accents already acquired in the chosen princess themed room. I gave a hard no to a Rainbow Glitter Wall with puppy and kittens theme.  I know, meanest mom ever.

Original jewelry box

To make things better, we were gifted a vanity for the girls for Christmas last year that could stand to be updated just a tad.  It was, after all, a kid vanity so the once pristine white held the inescapable dinginess of tiny human playtime.  I worried both pink pieces would be too much.  The finished products proved otherwise.  I think my choice of adding a pearlized metallic glaze made all the difference in the world.  It added dimension to the pieces without overpowering them and added just a touch of whimsy.

To prepare the projects for painting I lightly sanded each with a 120-grit sanding block.  Then I washed the products with a TSP solution and dried them.  The paint went on beautifully, as usual.  I don’t mind brush marks so I used a synthetic/natural mixed brush on my project.  I liked the slightly distressed look it gave the pieces.  The last step I did was blend the Fusion Mineral clear glaze with the silver pearlized metallic paint in a 3 to 1 ratio.  I eyeballed this, so it wasn’t exact.  A lot went a long way, as I only used half of a sample jar of the metallic.

Voila!  The finished products.  I let the paint cure before bringing the pieces upstairs.  The pink fluffy stool is from the clearance section of Hobby Lobby.  So far, after a month of use by two kids the paint is holding up well.  I will update as time goes by if I find the paint starts chipping or deteriorating in any way.  Happy painting!  Let me know what refinishing projects are on your to do list!  Mine will have to wait until our frigid temperatures increase here.


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