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My husband’s affair… with Kijiji

Couch and leather chairs off Kijiji


Part of preparing to move is getting rid of unwanted items.  Getting rid of clutter, broken items, and items that no longer serve a purpose.  It feels like a cleansing and therapeutic step, a tangible way to measure progress when there are so many unknown variables.  It’s a way to exhibit some control over what is usually a chaotic process.

I like this stage and find each move makes me better at it. During this process, sometimes big ticket items need to go.  In this case, it was our couch.  Enter: Kijiji, the Canadian version of Craigslist.  What quickly started as a search for one couch derailed into a new tool chest, new bookshelf, new beer fridge.  You get the picture.  Kijiji became an addiction for my husband, spending precious sleep time browsing random ads in search of good deals.

I was not a fan.  I mean, it wasn’t football season and this was taking up more time than a fantasy draft team.  Enter: used Pottery Barn items.  I love the look of Pottery Barn.  However, three little grubby sets of hands deter me from spending that much cash on living space items.  When my husband found me the ideal Pottery Barn kitchen table barely used for a fraction of the cost, I became his Kijiji advocate.  When he picked up the item and wasn’t murdered, I was now 100% supportive of his craze with finding deals.

Pottery Barn Kijiji find: Kitchen table(6 chairs)

Here are five valuable lessons I learned from this experience;

  1.  Do not buy full price furniture, nay, new furniture if you move a lot.  This is almost a no brainer…moving is hard on furniture.  Save the cash for a forever home and buy used.  With the plethora of buy, sell and trade websites available there is a high chance a similar item to one on your dream list will appear.
  2. Don’t rule pieces out because of scuffs or scratches.  Refurbishing furniture is all the rage right now and a way to quickly address cosmetic issues.  There are so many user friendly paints and stains available that make even the most rookie furniture “doctor” look like a pro.
  3. Make sure you love the piece and would be willing to take a financial hit if the piece doesn’t work out.  This means if you don’t like it, you obviously cannot return it.  If you are hesitating on the item, it probably isn’t what you are looking for. Your gut will be able to tell you when its the right item. Don’t buy something just because it is a “good deal”.
  4. Always negotiate.  I know, it is rude if the item says, “price is firm.” In that case, write and express interest in the item.  Let the seller know if they don not have a buyer within 24 hours and would take a lower amount you would like the item.  Or, make an offer in cash.  Sometimes, even when posting a firm price, guaranteed cash is king and can dissuade a seller from sticking to their guns on a price.
  5. Be polite and thoughtful with your time and the sellers time.  Use good manners and be respectful of time constraints.  You don’t want anyone to waste your time, so apply that to the seller as well.  There is nothing wrong with politely declining an item after receiving more details.

Happy hunting! Please, share some of your best finds in the comments


4 thoughts on “My husband’s affair… with Kijiji

    1. I so enjoyed your blog.
      Words of wisdom: buying new does not have to be from a store. A
      New item can come from anywhere because it is first time use for you.
      Repurposing & buying used is so your generation.

  1. I like Kijiji so much more as a name than Craigslist. Love your blog amber!! Can’t wait to read the next entry!

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