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Refinished Pottery Barn Table

Pottery Barn coffee table off Kijiji: It is not dusty. That is spray paint overspray

One of the scores from the Kijiji Raid of 2018 was a huge Pottery Barn coffee table.  The table was in bad shape when we got it, but it had good bones.  The price was right, there were not any structural issues and it was real wood.  The real wood translated into heavy AF to get on and off a pickup truck.

I tried a product new to me to remove the layers of stain on the table.  Until this point, I had always used good ol fashioned chemical strippers.  My dad would refinish many pieces of furniture he found off tree lawns and it was always soothing to watch the finish bubble off, then scrape it carefully into an empty coffee can.  I used Citristrip to remove the stubborn finish on this particular table.  It is a gel that has a pleasant citrus smell which made working in the garage a rather manageable experience even when the weather wasn’t cooperating.  I highly recommend the product.  The gel clung to the table’s vertical surfaces nicely and the many coats of varnish were quickly removed.  For this particular piece I did have to do the process a couple of times, some I attribute to user error.  Definitely give the gel time to set on there but, as I learned, ensure enough product is on the area…don’t be stingy!

Sanded table surface

Next, I sanded the table down with fine grit sandpaper to remove any inconsistencies in the table.  Honestly, I rather like imperfect wood grain so I didn’t go too crazy on this step.  Also, with the kids, I know they will add “character” to whatever my finished product is.

Stain and top coat in one: easy application and generous coverage area from small can

I was dying to try out the stained finishing oil from the line of mineral paint that I am obsessed with..Fusion Mineral Paint.  If you have not tried this stuff yet, find a retailer near you!  I will be posting a couple projects that I did with the paint shortly.  Spoiler alert: they are still half done in my basement.  Back to the stain.  I was drawn to this product because I wouldn’t have to put a coat of polyurethane on the table when I was done staining.  The top coat is built into the stain.  How amazing is that? I mean, you certainly could choose to do that and all would be well in the world.  I wanted the grain to show off on this table and this product did that beautifully.  My application technique was a brush but you can apply with a rag as well.  All you do is apply, wait 15 minutes and then wipe off excess.  Easy peasy!

Table with stain setting. I wiped off with a lint free rag.

Here is the finished product.  I applied two coats.  Let me know if you find this stain and try it.  There are 6 lovely colors available.

Finished product

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