Universal Yum: A subscription box that hit a homerun

My dad is not an eager international traveler. He enjoys the comforts of our hometown and finds nature and its surroundings more soothing than exploring large cities. His tastebuds are more like a modern travel influencer, wanting to go everywhere and try everything (don’t worry dad, I will explain what an influencer is to you later…its a real thing I promise). Lucky for him Cleveland is a wandering food pallet paradise but it has its limits. Enter: Universal Yum. I found this gem from one of those Facebooks ads. You know the ones I am talking about. I believe the exact science breaks down to a 90% annoying and 10% let-me-see-this-product-I-didn’t-know-I-needed ratio.

I clicked on the product link and was immediately pulling out my credit card. I had found the Holy Grail of Christmas presents for my dad, a man who is a self proclaimed minimalist and does not like junk or items without a purpose. This gift would be disposable and fulfill his penchant of trying new cuisine. Now, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts and talk about the boxes. Each month, the recipient receives a themed box of snacks from a designated country around the world. The boxes come in three different sizes, each containing a greater quantity of snacks. I chose the smallest, the Yum Box. There are 6 or more snacks guaranteed in this box size. The Yum Yum box has 12 or more snacks and the largest, the Super Yum Box, has 20 or more snacks in a box.

But wait..there is more. Within each box, regardless of the size you choose, there is a booklet containing trivia and games that guide you through the tastebud explosion that is about to unfold from the designated country. As the box size goes up, the booklet will contain more pages and more trivia. The booklet also explains why some of the snacks were chosen by the company to feature. There will always be a mix of sweet and savory snacks but the location featured may dictate which there will be more of.

The flexibility of purchasing different allotments for this subscription is one of the main factors I liked. Subscriptions are available as a singular purchase, three month, six month or a year intervals. This made gift giving a breeze…I chose 6 months in case it was a flop and the price point was right about what I wanted to spend as well. I want to spend enough to know that I care, but I don’t have the dough to say “I love you iPad much”. The best part of the gift option is that it doesn’t automatically renew. You purchase the set time frame and then boom…done! Shipping is free in the contiguous US and to US military addresses. The universalyum.com FAQ page has wonderful shipping chart for any other area (shipping varies by box size but stays between $2 -$13.50 per box). A handy shipping email allows the box to be tracked after shipping out on the 15th of each month and will be delivered by the US Postal service .

Feedback from the boxes received so far has been extremely positive from my dad. The Christmas box was his first box and contained different holiday treats from around the world…egg yolk popcorn stood out as disgusting to me but he liked it. He has also received boxes from Germany, Italy and his next one is from Ukraine. So far the overall winning treat has been a poppyseed chocolate from Germany. We shall see if the Germans hold onto the number one spot…

I encourage anyone to try this subscription ( I am in no way affiliated with universal yum…just sharing a positive product with you). It’s a fun way to explore different cuisine and experience how flavor profiles change geographically in a budget friendly way.

Subscribe below and leave a comment on my blog with a subscription box that has been a hit for you. I am feeling like trying more of these after such a great experience with this company!

3 thoughts on “Universal Yum: A subscription box that hit a homerun

  1. How fun is this?! I totally just signed up for the yum box. I can’t wait to see what the husband and kids think!

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