Welcome to Ottawa, Ontario!

We made it!  Our second move in less than a year brought us to Ottawa, Ontario.  We are currently “way up north” in Canada.  Of course, like any good move, there were hiccups and mistakes along the way.  But, we made it in one piece and with our sanity semi-intact.  Our new house is in the area called Riverside South.  I am very excited to write more about our adventures and what treasures we discover along the way.

Our lifestyle lends itself to many moves.  I hope to be able to share some helpful tips on repurposing furniture to accommodate new spaces, what pieces have proven most versatile and worthy investments, and how to cope with continually having to make a “new normal” for yourself and your family.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Ottawa, Ontario!

  1. We are glad you made it – and things are going well as can be expected considering all the chaos that develops moving with a family. Tell everyone we say hello…love the Facebook photos….great blog name!

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